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Rather than waiting several days for us to get by to measure, we need only a simple measurement from one end of your fence to the other. It does not need to be exact, just within a couple of feet. We need to know how many gates you want, and what height, 6' or 8' or a combination of both. And that's it! With this basic information we can provide you with a surprisingly accurate, detailed, full color quote.


We can measure for you via satellite and provide you with a quick quote. Satellite Technology is helping us respect our environment by saving fuel and increasing efficiency!

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***If you do not receive a reply, PLEASE contact me again, because some spam blockers / firewalls will not let me reply to your e-mail because of the last four letters in my last name, especially "Barracuda Firewalls" software.

Also, check your junk e-mail folder***.

Our primary goal is building fences that last a long time. Hancock Fences look good and stay straight throughout their life span. We feel this has more value than quickie "one size fits all" low prices.

Cheap fences don't last. It's that simple.

Longevity is achieved by exercising superior installation methods and trained  expert installers. High grade, materials and top quality fasteners (and plenty of them) keep our fences standing straight & strong..

This all means...

We are not going to be your lowest bidder.

Sometimes, depending on who else you call,

we're not even close.

We cannot build a reputable, long term business and honor our warranty's year after year with fences and gates that begin to lean & fall apart in their second year. Skimping on materials and / or labor shortcuts do not save money for either of us.


"Price your new fence by the years, not by the foot"

to determine what it really costs you in the long run.

You will see that a Hancock Fence is a bargain every time!

If you are seeking a fence contractor who takes full responsibility for all damages both ABOVE and BELOW ground, shows up on time, finishes on time, and strives to provide a problem free, painless installation, we are exactly who you are looking for.


A Hancock Fence will help your property retain or increase in value. Choosing Hancock Fence will prove every time to be a sound investment in upholding community standards, property values and neighborhood appeal year after year.

Hancock Fence and Fabrication

Office Phone- 972-747-9906

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-3,
Closed weekends


** There is a refundable estimate fee of $45 for owners who share a fence with 3 or more neighbors AND require an on site visit.**

Sorry... these "Multi Family Estimates" can take several hours and many follow up calls and visits to satisfy everyone.

If you have a front entry driveway this may apply to you.

Thanks for your understanding!

(There is never a charge for online estimates)

PLEASE, PLEASE make sure your e-mail address is correct!

Most first replies are sent via e-mail

Thank you!
Hancock Fence & Fabrication

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Please fill out the estimate request form below. Enter your fence measurements and we can email you a "Quick Quote". If you cannot measure your fence just let us know. We should be able to measure via satellite. If not, we will make arrangements to go to your home and measure. Don't worry, this is just a starter quote to get things moving. WE ALWAYS measure your fence ON-SITE and inspect all situations before any contracts are signed!

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