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Cedar 1x2 "DOUBLE TRIM"

Our cedar double trim option is a continuous piece of 2" cedar trim along the top of the fence mounted to the surface of our standard 1x4 top trim. This is a nice way to dress up the fence with not a lot of additional expense involved. This item will be priced separately on your estimate when you receive it.

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2X6 Ground Contact Rated, Pressure Treated Baseboard

Our pressure treated, 2X6 baseboard option is now included as standard equipment with all of our #1 grade fences! This board sits directly on the ground and will not rot. It provides a nice smooth surface for string trimming and adds about 4" of additional height to the fence. We also nail the bottoms of key pickets to this board which provides additional strength to each panel.

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Popular "Add-On" Fence Options

2X8 Cedar Top Cap

This option adds a 7.5" wide cedar board which attaches directly on top of the fence. This is a decorative AND structural item. It adds strength to the top of the fence which is important during high winds. It looks best when combined with the Double Trim option for a three layered top. The 2x8 Cap will be priced separately on your estimate when you receive it. 


We have been testing these new lights for over 6 months with great results!

These LED lights are fantastic for dark trash bin areas, driveways, or dark side yards. Economical and user friendly, these lights can be placed most anywhere, and easily moved if the need arises.

They have three settings:

(Settings automatically activate at dusk, and turn off at dawn via a light sensor).

1. Off to full brightness for about 20 seconds when motion is detected.

2. Dim "night light" to bright light when motion is detected. Dim light will last all night long as long as battery starts at 100%.

3. Bright light on at dusk until the battery depletes. This is usually 6 hours or so depending on battery condition.