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If you are not ready for a full fence replacement, or just have a simple issue that you need resolved such as a broken post, a gate repair, or your neighbor backed their car into your fence, contact us to see what we can do to help!

From replacing cracked pickets or leaning posts, to full replacement of sections of fence, we can get you fixed up!
***We are also experts at repairing and rebuilding automated slide and swing gates! So if you have an older system or one that seems to be problematic, we can get you back up and rolling!***

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We charge a $35 fee for onsite repair estimates.
If you choose Hancock to repair your fence, the fee will be refunded on your final invoice.
The estimate fee will be charged to your credit card BEFORE the estimate is scheduled. 
Average 2-3 hour repairs run in the ballpark of $325 to $400 plus parts and materials.


If we are in a drought period and your gate does not work, you need to thoroughly soak the ground area around the gate posts, Inside and outside of the fence. A slow, deep watering will usually move the gate posts back to their original position and the gate may work just fine, if not, call us today!
This process can take several days, please be patient. If you do not get satisfactory results, please let us know!