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Due to another (and there has been several) competitor's being caught copying our photos and information to their website and passing our material off as their own work ... let it be known that ALL photos and information contained in this website are the sole private, property of Hancock Fence LLC and are NOT to be used, referenced or copied, by any fence builder for any reason.
If we find a competitor using our photos (and we will) our attorneys will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.
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Thank you for choosing us for your future fence project. 
As you can see it's not just a fence. You choosing Hancock Fence for your build starts an important chain of events which creates jobs, reduces waste AND creates new and exciting products for others across the nation!

We recycle your old grey fence!

In a continuing effort "to do the right thing" and further separate ourselves from other fence builders...

We purchased our new property in McKinney Tx. several years ago with a new idea to create a fence recycling facility and try to keep as much fence trash out of our landfills as we could. 

Our goal was to find a new home and purpose for any and all used materials from old fence as we could.
Our competitors simply load your old fence and trash and it goes straight to the landfill to be buried.
We were guilty of this too for many years, but not any more. 
Today we are doing a great job finding people that use reclaimed materials to produce many products. 
Talented artisans collect premium weathered material from us to create many beautiful unique items.  

Drop offs accepted Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Closed weekends please call with any questions 972-747-9906

Bring loads "Fork-Lift Friendly" for speedy unloading!

We accept:

Naturally grayed fence panels in good condition here at our facility in McKinney to be recycled.

Drop off is FREE and we can also accept scrap steel. 
Hancock Fence & Fabrication LLC
5062 Private Rd. 5344
McKinney, TX 75071

BELOW is a brief run down on the recycling process at Hancock Fence.

This a lot of work and quite a mess, but we hope we are committed to doing our small part by at least trying to be good stewards of our environment!

Fence panels are brought in to our facility, unloaded, sorted and stripped. We remove each picket by hand, removing all screws and nails. All metal goes into our metal recycling bin and turned in for scrap.

The cleaned pickets are then inspected, graded, sorted and stacked in sized racks ready to bundle.

The finished bundles are then palatalized, strapped and moved to our loading area waiting for pickup.

Finally... We offer nearly all the leftovers for free pickup here at our yard for local crafts people, or folks that simply want to save money by picking up used materials.

We also save all metal goods both old and new. Cut off's from new posts, old brackets, hinges, latches and and even the nails and screws we strip from the old fence panels go to this collection bin. All metal goods will be sold as scrap, melted down and recycled into new products.

Thank you for reading this far! As time passes we get better and better at finding uses for all these things. After its all over, unfortunately there is still some waste that has to go to the landfill. We feel we have reduced the average fence job's 100% landfill waste to 10% or less in most cases. 

We do not accept:

Previously stained or painted panels
Treated Pine Panels
Thin cut picket panels (1/2"+ pickets minimum thickness)
Panels covered with vegetation or vines (past or present)
Concrete, wood posts, general trash and fence scraps
Termite / insect damaged wood or rotten wood
(we reserve the right to refuse any load that does not meet our requirements)