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Residential Fence Replacement Specialists

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We like to say...
"Price your fence by the years.... NOT by the foot!"

"By the foot" comparisons between fence estimates can be incredibly inaccurate and not a smart way to shop... unless you are simply looking for the cheapest price.

Every component on a fence has a purpose, a price and a life expectancy associated with it. There are literally hundreds of choices and prices to match. Installations also have hundreds of labor shortcuts to pinch pennies and make the "price per foot" more appealing. 
The laws of common sense have not changed, ESPECIALLY In the construction world.
Typically...   When you pay less, you get less. It's that simple.

Fences these days are expensive and we understand that. Your new fence MUST last as long as possible to receive maximum value for your dollars spent. 
You must know exactly what materials you are receiving, which grade, what hardware, and how many of each, to properly and fairly compare quotes. Installation and workmanship is another VERY important chapter. 
High quality materials that are installed poorly or incorrectly, will defeat their intended purpose.

Hancock Fence builds what a very smart, value driven, long lasting, asset to your property.  Every component we use has been studied and chosen for a specific purpose.  Usually, that purpose is to overcome a common problem associated with other similar components that cause premature, unnecessary fence failure and loss of value.
We design and build our Hancock Fences with materials and hardware that have been tested and proven to give you the best performance and long term satisfaction for your money.  We have thousands of VERY happy customers who have purchased from us and thoroughly understand what we do, and why we do it. We are truly different from the others.

WE are working for YOU. We are on your side, and we want to offer you an awesome fence at a great price. We MUST use good quality, long lasting components to achieve our goals. Our installers are the best we can find. Highly skilled, quality driven, contentious, and courteous people makes for a hard to find, pleasant, "contractor experience" that you will truly enjoy.
As the years tick by, you will be proud and satisfied with your Hancock Fence.

A great quote.....
"If you think hiring a PRO is expensive, then wait until you hire an amateur"....

Over the last 20 years, we have built over 3600 residential privacy and commercial security fences.
Not to mention some ideas and creations of our own, such as our unique "Life Time Gate".
This is a galvanized & welded steel gate frame made in our facility and is easily adjustable to give you years and years of quality, reliable service!
EVERY residential fence we build receives one of these Custom Life Time Gates to ensure long term satisfaction when using the gate. There is nothing else like it on the market!

"There are many areas that we could cut corners on our fences to save a few bucks. We could reduce quality and prices in order to sell more jobs, but at our own risk, we choose not to."

(If you catch us at a busy time, there may be a waiting period to get your fence installed. Our past customers will be the first to tell you that a Hancock Fence is worth the wait.)
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The Hancock Family
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Hancock Fence & Fabrication

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