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          Laura wrote:

I recently received a new fence and could not be happier. Dutch and his crew were professional, prompt and the fence looks great. I will definitely use Dutch again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a new fence.

          The Curtis Family Wrote:

Hi Dutch,

We just want to thank you and your crew for building us such a gorgeous fence last week.  We love it, and our only regret is that we didn't replace that old beast of a fence sooner.  The entire process was first-rate, completely painless, and worth every penny.  The men you assigned worked seemingly tirelessly in the heat; in fact, it's hard to believe two guys completed the entire job in just a couple of days.  In addition, they left the job site absolutely spotless.  Every contact with your company has been a true pleasure.
Thanks again for everything!   

Scott & Kerry Curtis

P.S. Thank you also for sending Ryan over to take care of that split board yesterday.  'Preciate it.   :)

          Mrs.  Kramer wrote:


Just wanted to formally express my appreciation for the new 8 foot fence your company installed at my home.  It looks fantastic and has really improved the appearance of the property, which as you know is very visible!  I know my special requests created some extra work for you and the crew, but the gates and artwork turned out so well that you exceeded even my lofty expectations.  Frankly, it looks too nice to be outside!  While the aesthetics are certainly important, I’d also like to note that the workmanship is impeccable and will withstand the challenges our weather sometimes brings us for many, many years.  I have received so many compliments from my neighbors, and I’ve encouraged them to contact you when they are in need of fence work.

In addition to the terrific end result, the crew was great and worked hard to limit the impact to the yard and landscaping.  I also appreciated and was pleasantly surprised at the many trips you personally made to the house during the project to make sure everything was going well and to address some of the special opportunities the scope presented.  I feel very fortunate to have worked with such a great group of people during this project.  You guys are not only good at what you do, you are good people too and that made for a really pleasant experience. 

Thanks so much!


          George Hughes wrote:

I looked three years for a good fence company and no one has the quality that Hancock puts into their fence!!!
Very pleased with the work!

          Steve Moon wrote:

Told my neighbor to use Dutch two years ago when he was getting a new fence just after I did.
"No, we're going with the fence guy that the pool builder recommended." After all, those folks at the pool company must be pretty smart.
Came home Tuesday after the big wind storm we just had to find a large support stake in my yard holding up his "fence" that was flopping like a broken shutter - absolutely priceless.
My Hancock fence is bullet proof and looks exactly the same today as when it was installed. GO DUTCH!

          Todd Schwarz wrote:

A 8' cedar board on board fence was just installed at my home. Words cannot express how happy I am with the results. Installation took only two days and I see no problems.
I was most impressed by all work leading up to the installation of my fence. All communication was done either by via email or over the phone. The Excel format quote was easy to read and had all specifics written out. I never once had to talk to the workers while the fence was installed since the quote was clear and concise.
The gate that Hancock Fence installed is absolutely amazing. The steel frame is a genius concept and sets your company apart from others.
I also appreciate the price I received for staining. Wood Savers has honored the price you have quoted for staining.
Overall, I am more than happy with the overall process of the installation of my fence. I now have one of the best looking fences on my street and I thank you for that.

          The Downham Family Wrote:

.......Lastly (and most importantly), thank you!  This has been a truly wonderful experience and the end product is exactly what we were looking for.  You and your entire crew were and are an absolute pleasure to work with.  I wish I would have had the opportunity to shake your hand; however, given all of our busy lives these days...the email process works and perhaps one day we will cross paths.  We are looking forward to years of enjoyment with our new quality Hancock Fence.  We are excited to not worry any longer about our fence...thanks again Dutch!  Keep up the great work. 

Dan & Dawn Downham

          Jackie Morin & Angie Wilcox wrote:

Our fence is being completed today and we couldn't be happier. The crew is fantastic! The materials are top of the line. We definitely did pick the BEST fence company in the Dallas area!

          The Craft Family Wrote:

Hello Dutch,
I am so pleased with the fence!! Your solution was exactly the right one and the team did a highly professional job. Frankly, I was amazed at how clean the job site was at the completion of the project. Feel free to list me as a reference and a very happy customer. Thanks again and please let the men know That I appreciate their hard work and quality craftsmanship.

Libby Craft 

          The Fulmer Family Wrote:

Just wanted to let you know, the fence looks great! I love the gate. The crew was professional, friendly, and respectful of our property. It have been a good experience. Please let us know the final amount as I am sure there were several post holes that had to be dug by hand.
Thank you!

Rita & Jim Fulmer

          Mr. Griffin Wrote:

I am completely satisfied with both your personal service and workmanship on my new fence. I'm a Hancock customer for life and will ensure I market your product and services, to anyone, whenever the opportunity presents.  Feel free to use me as a reference...

 Kind Regards,

Tom Griffin

          Gary Berning wrote:


I've been meaning to e-mail you for a while and I kept putting it off. We're having a new roof put on our house right now so it reminded me of the storm that tore up our house.

I'm sure you remember the storm that blew through Allen in April. Our home had extensive damage. We had a broken window, our shutter was cracked and blew off, our shingles were torn off and the decking was showing in multiple places, the concrete board on our exterior was damaged, and our neighbors vent was blown off their house and landed in our flower bed. The home two down from us had the tree in their front yard uprooted and went through their window.

With all of this damage....the fence that you built for us last July was the only thing not damaged. Of the 10 houses by us we had the only fence that was not blown down. Thank you for building such a great fence. You were not the lowest bid but I truly believe you get what you pay for and I'm very glad that we chose you. Thank you.

Gary Berning
Allen, TX 75002

          The Burns Family Wrote:

I did not return until late yesterday but the fence looks great and your men did an excellent job. I appreciated the fact that they did an good job cleaning up as I take pride in my yard and landscaping.  They even replaced the pavers and dirt I had cleared back for them in order to get to the fence.


          Dawn Byers wrote:

Dear Dutch,
I wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on our fence! Not only are we completely happy with the quality of the fence, but the service you have provided. We really did get a lot of bids and spoke with lots of people to get their recommendations. So, when I heard Walt talk so highly about your work, I knew I had to do more research. I started to pay attention to fences in the neighborhood that you had built. There is one on Cheyenne road where Suzanne dead ends. It was amazing to look at the one you built compared to the one right beside it with the boards warping on top. Your website was extremely helpful! I can tell you have a "passion" for fences and customer service.

When we went to finalize our pool project, they gave us a hard time that we were not using "their fence contractor" on the fence because technically they were the "general contractor" on the project and could be held liable. I was quick to inform them that I was pretty sure I had picked the right fence contractor for the job and they wouldn't have to worry. During the building of the fence your website and documents educated me. You communicated with me on everything (answering questions before I had the chance to ask them). I had Walt coming by pointing out the things you were doing right that most fence builders don't do and I had lots of follow up from you. One thing that I particularly enjoyed is that you personally followed up on the different stages and were picky about the details. I quickly realized that I did not have to worry about the small stuff because you were more picky than I was and that is such a great feeling! When I compare my experience with Hancock Fence to the experience I had having my arbor built, it's a night & day difference. You have no idea how thankful I am now that I stuck to my guns on you building the fence since it was the arbor contractor they wanted us to use for the fence.

My background is in customer service and it truly is something I'm very passionate about. It's not very often I see great companies that do it right and that I would promote. But, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to rate Hancock Fence a 10. You and your team did a fantastic job! Not only that, I've continued being impressed... like having Walt stain the fence and coming by to nail the signs onto the gate afterwords!
Thank you!

Dawn Byers

We are flattered by our customers that take time out of their busy day to write such lengthy and exciting reviews. In all fairness, we publish ALL reviews including one that is not so good, but we worked it out as you will see! We appreciate and value any and all feedback from our customers.

          The Deaton Family Wrote:

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our new fence. We are extremely pleased. You also have really hard workers that do great quality work. I would recommend you to anyone I know looking for a new fence.
The Deaton Family

          Nathan Schwendeman wrote:

I just have to simply Hancock Fence & Fabrication makes beautiful, functional, and reliable fences.

I was working late when the storm we had a week or so ago (June 10th?) hit McKinney and Allen. I drove home through the winds and rain, and for the first time in the 11 years I have lived here, was worried that my SUV may get blown over. (I had to fight the steering wheel while on US 75 to stay in my lane...)

As I drove through Allen around many tree branches (ranging from 3-10 inches diameter), through neighborhoods where just about every other fence had damage, and around a detour at Allen Heights and Main due to downed power lines, I finally got home.

Let me tell you how much of a relief it was to see my Hancock fence still standing straight and as solid as if it were sprinkling. I almost called you to come get a shot from the top floor of my house, looking into the backyard and beyond to the three neighbors behind me that ALL had serious damage to their fences. Made me feel bad for them, but also satisfied to know I had invested in a high quality fence.

Thanks again for your high-quality product. I've found ample opportunity to give your company advertising/testimonial when I attend functions with others in our community (HOA meetings, Neighborhood Watch, etc) since I am referred to as "they guy with the fence". Interesting how my identity has been related to your product, but I am proud to say that "Yes, I'm the guy with the fence." when asked, and happily answer any questions about your product.

          Josh Payne wrote:

If all contractors were like Dutch the world would be a better place. His attention to detail and insistence on doing the job right are nearly impossible to find anymore. You get a sense of pride from this guy that if his name is going on your fence it is darn well going to be done right. We are incredibly pleased with the hard work his guys put in and the quality of their work.

We had a new fence installed last summer by another fence builder and although we paid an arm and a leg for it we were never 100% satisfied with the quality we got. And sure enough the storms of April tore that sucker right on down. I can honestly say that we are beyond satisfied this time around and only wish that we had found Hancock fencing a year earlier. I could go on and on about how well our new fence is built but the main thing is that Dutch says what he does and does what he says. And you feel like you've spent good money for good quality.

The absolute best feeling came when a staining company was driving by while I was outside and they asked if I needed to have my fence stained. Even though I turned them down they mentioned to me that they noticed my fence was a Hancock fence and that they are one of, if not the best fence builders in the business. To have a random contractor recognize and heap praise on your fence builder really was the icing on the cake.

          George wrote:

My wife and I are really enjoying this new fence. It makes a significant difference to our property. All our family, friends and neighbors have made positive comments on how well made the fence is. Dutch, we were so impressed by your customer service and commitment to excellence; it is very unusual and refreshing in comparison to the standard business environment. Your custom estimate portfolio was a definite home run in making our decision to use your company. I wish all businesses doing work on a home or property had to measure to such a standard. Thank you for raising the bar and keep up the great job!!  
George and Gloria

Dutch Hancock replied:

Hello Mr. Hines,

I received your feedback on our blog and we appreciate your input. My records show that I sent you an estimate for 100' of fence on July 1st, 2008.

Generally, I do not come by to measure until someone tells me they would like to do business with us. Then we set a time to come out and verify the location and measurements and adjust the price and dimensions accordingly.

 Attached is an updated quote for 84' as requested. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties with the other contractor.

We spend a lot of time educating the public and warning of the most common shortcuts in this business.

Please let me know how we can help you,

Thank you,

Dutch Hancock

          The Rohner Family Wrote:

 I had heard horror stories about fence companies, and this was my first time to have a fence installed, so I made sure to do my research. When I found Hancock's website, I was very impressed by how much helpful information they have on their website, and I was even more impressed with their claims of quality workmanship and guaranteed satisfaction. Just look through the images of their work and you will see for yourself. I also saw several of Hancock's fences in my neighborhood and was impressed with every one of them. In addition to this, their communication is excellent. They responded quickly to emails and were very thorough in their quote. They were also very pleasant in every correspondence. I really couldn't have asked for a better fence company. I truly feel this is one of the best fence companies in the Dallas area. The fence that they built is about as perfect as it can be, and I have already had compliments from the neighbors. So if you are looking for a fence, you can stop your search now. :)

Thanks again!


          Ray Williamson wrote:

Dutch did a fantastic job and it came in under budget! It is nice in this day & age to deal with a real CRAFTSMAN that actually does what he says. Even though we had only our back fence replaced at this time we know whom to call when we can afford to do the rest.
Thanks Dutch.

          Jason wrote:

Hancock Fence,
My wife and I wanted to let you know we are very excited about our new fence and it has also made our neighbors very happy as well. Your customer service and quality of work has been unmatched. We had received many estimates before and after your first visit before making any final decision, but your eight page detailed estimate with pictures, descriptions, and explanations, is what really sold us. You designed the fence and made changes to your estimate as needed and worked with us until it was perfect. We greatly appreciate everything you have done and will send everyone that is need of a fence your way. Thanks again and keep up the great work!!
Jason & Jenny

Read Customer Comments

          Joe and Mary Jo wrote:

We LOVE our new fence! It looks great and has given our yard a new look. We appreciated the detailed estimate (unlike others we got) and Dutch answered our many questions by phone and e-mail. He is a pleasure to work with. The work was done promptly and the crew was polite and very hard workers. Your commitment to quality is a breath of fresh air! We look forward to enjoying our cedar fence for many years to come. Keep up the good work! We'll recommend Hancock Fence to everyone we know! Thanks again.

          Lee Wrote:

 I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the work your company did on my fence this past week.  I am blown away by the craftsmanship and attention to detail that your crew displayed when building my new fence.  In just the short few days it has been up I have had numerous neighbors stop in the alley and tell me how nice it looks.  When I was shopping around for a fence I met with several other companies but really Hancock is in a league of its own when it comes to innovation, vision and creativity.  I am sure there are other companies that will cost nominally less (and many that are significantly more) but the quality of your product so far surpasses those guys that it's really not a difficult decision to make.  I think it's very likely that I will not be in need of any fencing work for decades to come.  Now the crew!  The crew was the most professional and courteous crew I have had at my home.  Jose always stopped and spent as much time as necessary answering my questions and addressing my concerns (even though there were very few).  In addition to quality that only comes from years of experience, the crew meticulously cleaned up as they went.

Even after a total tear down and re-build, there is hardly any evidence that construction has even occurred with the exception of the beautiful fence standing.  I want to thank Hancock Fence for over delivering on what I had expected.  You guys are really at the top of your game and now I am happy to have proudly joined the other folks all over town that have the Hancock sign on their fences.

Kindest Regards,


          Mike & Sandy wrote:

We just had a 132' board on board cedar fence installed by Hancock Fence. I'm very happy with the new fence and the company.

I expected the job to be done in 3 days and it was completed in 2. My dogs really appreciated that.

The quality of the materials and workmanship are good which is what I expected. The gate, while relatively simple in design, is better than I expected. They did hit a sprinkler pipe that was right next to an existing post, but fixed it the next morning. They also did a good job of cleaning up.

The best surprise of all was when I received the final invoice. One of my neighbors wanted the old fence and hauled it off instead Hancock Fence doing it. I received an additional $175 off my bill that I wasn't expecting.

          Ed & Pat wrote:

Just wanted to let you folks know what great service Hancock Fence provides. The door to our new fence was blown shut by the wind. The impact was so hard that it caused one of the boards to crack. We contacted Dutch, and his crew came to replace the board the very same day. Unfortunately, the very same thing happened a second time. Hancock Fence came through for us again. They replaced the broken board and added some additional hardware to prevent this from happening again. They also stained the new board to match our fence. All of this was done at no additional charge to us. Many, many thanks Dutch!!

          The Plonkey Family Wrote:

I am very pleased with the service.  I have worked in high-end customer service for about 20 years and am always willing to pay more for good service and a quality product.  I will be happy to recommend your service whenever I know of anyone looking for a new fence.

Best Regards,


You can also read and write reviews on Angie's List here

          Pam Money wrote:

My new fence was completed this week and it has added thousands of $$to the value of my house. Dutch and his crew did an incredible job and I've already recommended Hancock Fence to a friend. Everything was handled professionally and ethically. From the initial estimate through the finished product, everything was done on schedule and exactly as promised. It's a delight to deal with a company that does exactly what they advertise! I'll enjoy the new fence for many years to come. Many thanks to you and your crew, Dutch!

          Julie Leverton wrote:

Mr Hancock is wonderful to do business with. I now have the best looking fence in my very nice neighborhood. He used my old steel posts, and it was a small job, but he had it done in one day. The gates have a rock like closure. I couldn't recommend this man and his company highly enough. I've tried to have the fence rebuilt before and not been successful. This was rapid and painless and beautiful.

          Susanne Jefferson wrote:

I had my fence replaced this past week by Dutch and am VERY pleased with the results. The workmanship and quality that went into this project is awesome. The workers were fast, very courteous, did a great cleanup job and didn't kill any of my plants. Dutch was easy to communicate with during the process. I wish all contractors were as easy do deal with and as organized as Dutch. It is so nice to come out into my backyard now.....the fence made all the difference!!

          Jay wrote:

I had Mr. Hancock built an 8' Cedar Board-on-Board fence for me 10 years ago. My inclination was to build a cheaper pine fence like my neighbor had. I'm happy to say that even after the drought we had last summer, my fence still looks great. I added a pool to my yard last summer, and I decided to add a sliding gate across my driveway. Mr. Hancock and his crew did a fantastic job on that as well. After cleaning, and re-staining my original 10 year old fence, it matches the new fence and gate perfectly and makes the whole thing look new. It was the best home improvement decision I've made, and has been a great investment! Thanks Dutch for making honest recommendations, and for doing quality work!!
Jay & Jackie

          The Missimer Family Wrote:

I would like to say that the fence looks fantastic. Our other neighbors have already come down to check out the new fence and have expressed extreme jealousy. :) We have passed your name along for possible fence work next spring.

Your crew was professional, courteous and just absolutely perfect. Keep them! 

          The Hurlston Family Wrote:

Hi Dutch,
Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful fence you built, your quality and workmanship really shows. That's not always the way companies do business and I appreciate your work and dedication to your trade. You are a true professional. I get compliments on the fence everyday and people here need new fences and get estimate from other companies. I show them your fence and the quality workmanship and direct them to your website. I hope you get a lot of referrals, your work speaks for itself.

Glen D. Hurlston M.D. 

          Mike Havens wrote:

During the storms of 2008 we lost our backyard fence completely...turned out to be pretty great. After researching long and hard we contacted Dutch at Hancock fence. He was very upfront about his current workload due to the storms and warned me that we may have to wait. We elected to wait on Hancock, because of the companies references and the fence itself, especially the gate design, that Hancock designs and installs. It was well worth the wait! The fence was installed as advertised and turned out great! We had a couple of minor problems after the fence dried completely with some separation of the boards, we called and it was fixed the next day. It's refreshing in a day where customer service is often a "dis-service" to find a company that truly does what they say and backs it up after the job is complete.

Thanks to Dutch and his Company for a great experience!

Mike Havens

          Mike & Karen Abney wrote:

Kudos to Hancock Fence company! We are extremely pleased with the quality of the fence we purchased, the service of the workers, and the professionalism of the entire company. Every contact was handled with class and every question answered quickly. The men who were working on the fence were fantastic! If you are looking for a fence, Hancock Fence company is definitely the way to go!

          The Lowrey Family Wrote:

Hi Dutch,

Just wanted to let you know that I reviewed your company on Angie's list. 
You get straight A's and here are my comments:
"I could not have asked for a better experience.  For starters, I tried to get estimates from 3 companies and Hancock was the ONLY company that responded promptly.   He was able to give me an estimate within an hour based on a satellite image of my home and yard.  Then he came out the very next day to discuss changes to the plan and make exact measurements.  By the end of that second day I had a detailed quote along with a listing of possible upgrades.  We scheduled our install about 4 weeks out but they had a cancellation so actually showed up a week early (with our permission of course).  We elected to use flat head screws instead of nails and the work looks beautiful.  All screw heads are perfectly lined up and using the screws added 5 years to our warranty.  Hancock's website is PACKED with useful information and photographs.  Hancock also hauled off some very long and heavy wooden swing set posts at no charge.  And even though we never mentioned it, his men pulled out the two remaining wood swing set anchors and hauled them off as well.  Those  anchors were REALLY in the ground and I was pretty much figuring they'd be there forever.  So that was a very pleasant surprise.  He also added a pretty arch to my front gate.  Hancock gates are hung on metal frames that attach to the metal posts.  They are guaranteed for the the entire warranty period which in our case is 15 years.  We rebuilt our old gate twice in 10 years and it was still hanging hopelessly broken when our fence was replaced.  All in all it was a great experience.  I really don't know how the price stacks up to others as I was more concerned with quality and service.  I walked the neighborhood looking at many different builders and I am convinced that Hancock builds the best quality fence possible.  Thanks Dutch!"
Thank you so much!


          The Manley Family Wrote:

Hi Dutch!

Talked to Ryan this morning and he took care of them.  Y'all rock!  My fence looks fantastic and I truly appreciate how professionally you run your business.  That's something I just don't see these days.  You're a class act!  I'll definitely pass your name to friends and neighbors.
Thanks again!

Lauren Manley

          The Lewis Family Wrote:

After researching and shopping around for residential fences, I found Hancock and thank goodness I did! Mr. Hancock was in touch with me from beginning to end and even offered another refferance for electrical work that I needed. Him and his staff are friendly and reliable. I would recommend them to any and everyone!! I really appreciate the work they did and the fence is immaculate along with the craftsmanship!!!
Thanks again Hancock Fence .... YOU ROCK!!

          Wendy McIntyre wrote:

Dutch & crew did a fantastic job on my new fence. It looks GORGEOUS (cedar, with double top). Most importantly, I was out of state when my original fence blew down and Dutch walked me through everything via email, and moved my old fence from the alley right away. Thank you, Hancock Fence!

Wendy McIntyre

          Ed and Pat wrote:

We are thrilled with our new fence.Dutch and his crew delivered exactly what we wanted.Service was very quick.We were extremely impressed by the great clean up job they did upon finishing.I watched with amazement as they swept and hosed off the pool decking.Doesn't get much better than that!

Call now for a free estimate!(972) 747-9906

5062 Private Rd, 5344 McKinney, TX 75071

          The Lermuseaux Family Wrote:

You installed a new fence for me back in November 2011 and I just wanted to say it still looks brand new and I couldn’t have asked for a higher quality product! I know that most people don’t let you know what a great job you did, instead businesses usually only hear about negative experiences. Mine couldn’t have been better and I just wanted to let you know!

David B. Lermuseaux

          The Won Family Wrote:

I owe a big thank you for your service. I had my fence done after we had heavy wind damage in spring of 08. Although Hancock's price wasn't the lowest and I had to wait more than a month for the service I decided to wait. After the fence was stood up, I was glad that I did, the crew was courteous and his methodology described on his web site was exactly what I saw being used. Fast forward 3 years, our fence is still looking nice with no tilting in any of the areas. However, one of the panels next to the gate broke off when a lawn mower hit it this spring. I knew Hancock doesn't do partial work on the fence, but called him to see if he could take a look at it. To my surprise he called me that he would take care of it and it was fixed up with a new panel and stained within two days. To top it off, Ryan came over again afterwards and fixed other minor cracks as well. Thanks again Hancock team.

 P.S. Still loving the steel framed gates

Hosuk Won

          Mr. Brown Wrote:

Tyler, I wanted to give kudos to Hancock Fence.  Their crew built a 190’ of board-on-board fence with three walk through gates and one motorized driveway gate in *two days*.  By the end of day two they were completely done with the build.  They came back the morning of day three just to clean up and take away the old fence.  I had high expectations for this fence and they exceeded it. The quality is fantastic and the crew were friendly and skilled.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hancock Fence to anyone looking for a new fence.  Great job!  :)

          The Poulter Family Wrote:

Hi Dutch,
If has been a couple of weeks since you completed our fence. I wanted you to know that I continue to be impressed with the quality of the materials. As a work worker, I can appreciate the craftsmanship of the fence. Your crew was excellent and I could tell they represented many years of experience. Thanks for bringing in some extra help to get the fence done before the rain. All the workers were top notch.

David Poulter

Dutch & Tyler
Plus the entire staff at
Hancock Fence & Fabrication LLC
Office: 972- 747-9906

          Joe Wooster Wrote:

After exhaustive research, we chose Hancock Fence to replace the builder fence provided when we built our home only 2 years ago! As the houses around us began going up, we wanted a little more privacy than what we currently had, along with a nicer, high quality look.

After emailing Dutch with a rough estimate of the size of our yard, he quickly returned an estimate based on my numbers. After review, I decided to have him come out onsite and firm up the quote, which was the best move I have made since moving into our new Allen, TX home.

My wife and I are very particular about our home. We want our contractors to treat the job as if it was their own home. Let me tell you that not until now, were we able to say that we have had a contractor work on our home and treat it, and us, as their own! Every phase was handled with the utmost care from tear down and stacking the old fence neatly for later haul away, to constructing the frame and fence, to final clean up.

Dutch even came out once the job was completed to “review” the fence. He found a couple of areas that he thought a minor change would help. Within 2 days of completion, he came out onsite and made his minor “tweaks” which further added to the beauty and craftsmanship.

I can tell you that you can find a “cheaper” alternative, after all, we are in Texas, there are guys willing to put a fence up, mow your lawn, paint your house, etc etc.

However, if you value your home / yard, and want long lasting quality that looks incredible, check them out, you will not be disappointed. They do what they say they are going to do without you having to babysit. I have absolutely NO complaints and can tell you that I rarely publish references on line to companies I have used, but this one definitely deserves my time and appreciation. Thank You to Dutch, Ryan, and the crew for a job well done!

Richard Hines replied again:

First, let me say that I had a fence installed by a company who's name I will not mention. I requested a task be done to our fence gates facing the street. To no avail, the company could not complete the task....so I called Hancock Fence because I knew they could. The job that was done by Hancock Fence was small but BIG in statue. It gave the fence style and character. Neighbors have given me compliments about the hardware that we have on our fence now. When my Uncle's wife saw it....that was all she wanted to talk about....was the design's on the fence. Mr. Hancock and his crew did a super job. Mr. Hancock presented himself as very professional and having a personal pride in the quality of work that he does. I will strongly recommend his company to people inquiring about a fence in the future. Two thumbs up to Hancock Fences.

  Residential Fence Replacement Specialists

          Richard Hines wrote:

Mr. Hancock, I'm very disappointed that I could have not used your services. I called, filled out the form on your website but no one from your company called or bother to stop by to do the measurements because I didn't know them.
Some fly by night fence company here in McKinney eyed it and said that it was a 100 feet. One company actually measured it and told me 84 feet as far the fence dividing the property line. It would have been nice to talk to someone face to face about a fence because that is as you know.... a big investment!! Now the next door neighbor and I are using a company named Walker Home Renovation and they did one of the things you talked about in the standards section of your website that you use to set up fences....they poured the bagged cement in the holes and then mixed it. My jaws got tight. Your price would have been a little bit more but not by much. Plus the same above named company criticized your article about "dipped vs on-site staining"
Bottom line.....I would have preferred to use your company but no one got back with me. I like your thinking about "quality".

          Kristi M. wrote:

Hi Dutch,

Wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done as I went through the process of choosing a fence company to work with.  I interviewed about 5 different companies and I want others to know specifically why I chose to go with your company. 

By far yours was the most comprehensive in providing information about the process, educating about the different options, what to expect and why, questions to ask other fence contractors, etc.  I learned so much before even beginning to work with you.
Customer Service – everyone I spoke to at Hancock was professional, courteous and thorough.  Tyler was quick and responsive to my emails and helpful in providing the information and assurance I needed. 
Quote process – the quote prepared was very detailed and explained each option; many pictures were included to give me a better understanding of my choices
Advice – when I asked questions and opinions I never felt I was trying to be “upsold.” 
The actual process – the crew arrived on time and ready to work. While I was not there during the day, they worked until dark and I was able to check in with them when I got back home.  The first day of the process Tyler sent me pics so I could see the progress.   That was ever so appreciated since I couldn’t be there.
 On the last day of the job, Tyler showed up on site to make sure everything was going according to plan.  He again sent me pictures so I could see the progress.  When I came home the crew had finished, cleaned up their mess and even cleaned up my mess.  Everything looked spotless and all I could see was the quality fence work that had been completed.

Thank you so much from start to finish.  We love our new fence, love the service and will continue to brag about what great work and service you provide. 

Kristi M.

          Marilyn Collins wrote:

Hancock Fence just completed our new fence and we love it! But even better, the process was so easy! Since we were not sure exactly what we wanted, we had lots of questions. Dutch helped us through the decision making process with his expertise. The construction crew was extremely careful and very neat. It was worry free, unlike any of our other recent home improvement experiences. It is very unusual to deal with businesses who are as committed to doing a superb job for their customers as Dutch and his crew.
I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone.
Thanks again for a great job!
Holmes and Marilyn Collins

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