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WANTING a new fence and NEEDING a new fence are two very different things.

The biggest mistake we see year after year, is people who wait until their

fence blows down, THEN they seek a replacement.

You Are At Risk:

If your fence has wooden posts and is more than 5 years old. Typical "builder grade" fences are intended to last about 4 - 7 years and that's it. They use materials and construction techniques that are intended to cut costs. Landscape timber posts are very common with these fences. You can identify them by their somewhat oval shape versus a square shaped treated pine or cedar post. No matter how well you maintain your fence, it's life span is limited by these posts. They will eventually begin to rot at ground level and soon fail all together. A post that snaps off at the ground makes for a very difficult repair.

 The first time you experience a broken post or a blown down panel, this is a warning sign that the time to replace your fence is approaching and the clock is now ticking. People who live on corner lots or next to open parks and at the end of alleys will see their fences fail sooner than their interior-lot neighbors. These open locations take a beating from full force winds, whereas the interior lots are somewhat protected from direct hits by other fences and homes.

 Open locations will require a sturdier design and stronger components to withstand nature's surprises. For our area you should consider only steel posts set a minimum of 36" deep in concrete with a maximum 6 foot span between each post. This is necessary to insure you will have a nice, straight, and strong fence which will stand up to anything each season brings. The foundation and the framework of a fence are the most important components.

 When fence shopping, don't let price be your main concern. The actual value of a fence is determined by how well it is built and how long it will last, not necessarily how much it costs. "Price your fence by the years, not by the foot" we like to say. For example, a $4,500.00 fence that begins to lean and fall apart in two years is much more expensive in the long run than a $5,000.00 fence that performs well for 15 - 20 years. With so many poorly built fences littering our neighborhoods, it's easy to get the impression that wood fences just don't last. That is not true. With the right combination of quality materials and fasteners, plus a builder who actually cares and knows what he's doing, a fence can and will go the distance.

 In closing, a fence is a visually important outdoor structure that is on public display. It is subject to everything Mother Nature can dish out 365 days a year. It is an extension of your home and can add value to your property but it can also take value away. It keeps your pets in and provides a safe and secure area for your children to play in. Fences provide privacy from unsightly surrounds so you can create a beautiful backyard environment for relaxing and personal enjoyment. Fences can be plain-Jane or dressed up to reflect an artistic flair or personal style to call your own.

 With our neighborhoods placing us all closer and closer together, I believe we all have a basic responsibility to our neighbors and neighborhoods to keep our property well maintained, promoting respect and friendship between neighbors. Attractive homes with well maintained landscapes and well built fences help keep neighborhoods looking nice and property values high. After all, everyone wants to live in a "nice neighborhood", right? This doesn't just happen automatically, folks. It requires a never ending effort from all of us to make sure that Allen, Texas continues to be a nice place to live.

MANY HOMEOWNERS assume that if they wait for their fence to be blown down by a wind storm, their insurance company will pay for a brand new fence. They are usually very, very disappointed, and find themselves stuck between a rock and a financial hard place.

Thank You!  

The Hancock Family


Avoid the "after-the-storm contractor scramble" by planning ahead and not waiting until your fence has blown down before you consider replacement.

Fence companies that are reliable, trustworthy, and do a good job generally stay booked out for at least 2 - 4 weeks.  When you need a fence... and you need it NOW, this waiting period can seem like an eternity, especially for pet owners.

Replace your fence on your terms, not the weather's. Waiting to replace until after a storm usually means you will have to wait longer for an honest, dependable fence contractor. If you have a particular, well-known, contractor in mind, you may have to wait even longer because many other people in your same situation probably want to use them too.

Also, visiting with your insurance adjuster BEFORE the next storm will better prepare you for what you can expect from them.  Ask very specific questions about different fence scenarios and how they will affect you in your time of need. That way you can be the judge of what risks you are willing to take with your dilapidated fence and our nasty Texas wind storms. One important thing to keep in mind... your local fence companies are not set up for immediate disaster relief. There are no 24 hour emergency fence hot lines to call. You will have to rush for position, get in line, wait, and get taken care of in a normal and orderly fashion.

NEEDING a new fence generally means that you, and many others like you, have waited until after the storm and now... your fence is lying in the alley and you are forced to do something immediately whether you and your bank account are ready or not. You have known for a long time that your fence was in rough shape but kept putting it off. Now you don't have a choice.

WANTING a new fence generally affords you time to shop around, do some research, and compare ideas about fences that would best suit you and your needs. You have time to think, time to budget, and time to put together a plan that fits in with your financial schedule.

 "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" We can't tell you who first coined that phrase, but We can tell you most people follow that advice. Human nature makes it easy to put things off that need to be addressed, especially when it comes to spending money.

 Today's topic is your backyard fence. For example: would you leave for a long road trip in a car that you know has problems? Do you risk being inconvenienced or stranded? It's the same thing with your fence. Don't risk being stranded with a broken down fence after the next wind storm.​

The BIG Mistake