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  • Increases safety and visibility in your alley
  • Fast & Easy - installs in minutes and is very sturdy
  • Simply stab the four legs in the ground and level
  • No More blown over trash carts and spilled trash!
  • Easily fold up and take with you if you move
  • Un-level ground is no longer a problem!
  • Keeps your property organized & looking nice
  • Heavy-Duty, welded, 16 gauge galvanized steel
  • Regain valuable driveway space
  • Available in raw galvanized steel with painted welds OR upgrade to black enamel paint
  • You can easily paint to match the exterior color of your home
  • Unconditional 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Hand made in our shop in McKinney TX.

Helps keep your driveway unobstructed, organized & clean!

The "Cart-Port"

Trash & Recycle Cart Storage System

Introducing The:


Waste and Recycle Cart storage system by:
Hancock Fence & Fabrication

"Please Do Your Part and Park Your Cart!"

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(Upgraded Black Model Shown Below)

(unpainted-silver model)
Free delivery and installation with the purchase of a Hancock Fence!

Does this happen to you on windy days? 

Alleys have become unsightly, cluttered and obstructed by trash carts being left out
Until now there has not been a good place to park your cart!