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A Hancock Fence will help your property retain or increase in value. Choosing Hancock Fence will prove every time to be a sound investment in upholding community standards, property values and neighborhood appeal year after year.

Please fill out the estimate request form below. Enter your fence measurements and we can email you a "Quick Quote". If you cannot measure your fence just let us know. We should be able to measure via satellite. If not, we will make arrangements to go to your home and measure.
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WE ALWAYS measure your fence ON-SITE and inspect all situations before any contracts are signed!

In order to get you a QUOTE FASTER, you can help us..... help you.

Rather than waiting several days for us to get by to measure, we need only a simple measurement from one end of your fence to the other. It does not need to be exact, just within a couple of feet.
(You should know how much fence you have to make sure your quotes are accurate)
We need to know how many gates you want, and what height of fence, 6' or 8' or a combination of both. And that's it!
With this basic information we can provide you with a surprisingly accurate, detailed, full color quote.

We can measure for you via satellite and provide you with what we call "A quick quote". 
Satellite Technology has helped us be more efficient which reduces costs for both of us.

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We are not offering any repairs at this time to non Hancock Fences.

We are not bidding any iron fence installations until further notice.

We are bidding ENTIRE FENCE REPLACEMENTS ONLY at this time.

We ARE installing full 6' and 8' tall replacement cedar fences and electric gates.

As of 3-10-23 we will no longer be servicing Dallas County for new fence estimates.

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