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These planters are on display at our office if you would like to see one. Since we make them in house, we can also make custom sizes for an additional charge.

Our units are made from 1-3/4 inch thick Western Red Cedar and are very heavy duty. Our new model has a lower shelf for storage of pots, potting soil or whatever you need. The planters can be painted, stained of left natural to turn a nice grey weathered color.
All lumber is fastened with our famous washer head screws for maximum durability.
As in all rustic outdoor furniture, some blemishes will be present and add character.
Each planter is truly a "one of a kind" creation.

Cedar Planter Box

Summer Sale Price is 

Looking for something truly unique to beautify your patio?

Our handmade Western Red Cedar Planter Boxes are ready for you to decorate with flowers, plants or whatever your imagination can dream up!

These are custom made in our shop by our craftsmen from NEW, leftover, fence scraps.
This is another recycling effort to create new, unique and exciting products while keeping scraps and unnecessary fence waste out of our landfills.

The planters are overall... 36" tall, 36" wide and 22" front to back, and 6 inches deep.
The inside of the planting box is 28" wide, 15" front to back, and will hold 6" of soil. The box self drains and the height makes it easy on your back while planting and arranging your creation. ​