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Due to another (and there has been several) competitor's being caught copying our photos and information to their website and passing our material off as their own work ... let it be known that ALL photos and information contained in this website are the sole private, property of Hancock Fence LLC and are NOT to be used, referenced or copied, by any fence builder for any reason.
If we find a competitor using our photos (and we will) our attorneys will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.
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When we build a new fence, and its close to an older Hancock Fence, we inspect the fence to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. If something is not right, we fix it while we are there! Many times the owner never knows anything about it. That's just how we roll... we want Hancock Fences to be the best looking fences in town... PERIOD!

All fences will  need a little attention as the years pass by.

Cracks in the wooden fences will occur and should be expected. This is a natural and very common. If splits, cracks and natural imperfections keep you awake at night, you should seriously consider a composite, fiberglass or vinyl fence for your home. 
Splits and cracks can easily be concealed by the owner with a brown colored exterior latex caulk. Typically... replaced pickets will not match well (old vs. new) and are much more obvious than a thin line of caulk.

Of course there are many more details involved in our full warranty and you will be provided a copy when it's time to sign a contract. Everything is in writing that easy to understand and a win-win situation for both of us! We are always available to answer any questions about reasonable expectations with your new Hancock Fence. 

Our Fence Warranty

Thanks again! 

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Helpful Hint....

IN A Nut Shell....

We want our fences to look good for as long as possible. If you see something you are not happy with, PLEASE let us know! We don’t care if its 12 years from now. If anything EVER pops loose, falls off, curls up, or stops working... CALL US! We don’t want our name on an ugly fence. Sometimes there may not be much we can do, but most of the time we can! We build up to 250 fences each year and there is no way we can monitor each one of them.

We encourage our customers to let us know if something is not right.