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Our HIDE-A-CART trash and recycle bin storage system

is built with HOA compliance in mind. 

ONLY $325.00


Trash & Recycle cart Storage

Once again, Hancock Fence to the rescue!
We have developed a free standing, fully complete, portable, cart hiding fence. This unique enclosure is built here in our shop and disassembles into two pieces for easy transportation. It is convertible for left or right hand installations. Simply connect the two panels with the supplied hardware and stab the legs into the ground beside your home. We have included an additional, welded anchor point that can be used for extra support into the exterior wall if needed.
If you move, pull the unit out of the ground, unscrew the two panels, and take it with you!

Interior dimensions are 36" wide x 72" long x 48" tall. Just enough room to conceal two carts!

The enclosure is slightly taller than your carts so loading trash or recyclables over the top is no problem at all. One end is open, so you simply roll the carts in from behind for storage. 

This wonderful problem solver is constructed with a strong, galvanized, welded steel frame and finished with a beautiful Western Red Cedar, "Board on Board" style fence. A cedar top cap and trim give the unit a nice finished look.
We can leave them a natural color for you to stain yourself, or we can stain it for you at an additional cost.

Hide-A-Cart can be ordered and picked up at our McKinney TX facility for $325.00. They are fairly easy to install yourself IF the ground is flat. We can deliver and set up for $125 if you live in Collin County.

If we are building a fence for you, we will be happy to deliver a unit and set up for you for free!

Please contact us at 972-747-9906 for more information or to place your order!
You are welcome to stop by and see our Hide-A-Cart Fence Enclosures in person at our McKinney TX location. Visits are by appointment only to make sure someone is here to assist you!

Thank you very much!
Hancock Fence & Fabrication

*** We are having no problems with HOA compliance and acceptance with these units so far.
We always recommend that you check with your HOA FIRST before purchasing a Hide-A-Cart to make sure they will approve what you want to do, and where you want to park your carts.***

We are seeing a trend in newer neighborhoods that homeowners are no longer allowed to leave their carts outside. Many HOA's now require that the carts be kept in the garage or inside the back yard, out of sight.
Our customers were complaining that the awful smell from carts parked in the garage was not what they signed up for.
Cart's parked in the backyard are a big hassle rolling through the gate, visible and smelly from the patio area, AND it's just too far from the street.