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Due to another (and there has been several) competitor's being caught copying our photos and information to their website and passing our material off as their own work ... let it be known that ALL photos and information contained in this website are the sole private, property of Hancock Fence LLC and are NOT to be used, referenced or copied, by any fence builder for any reason.
If we find a competitor using our photos (and we will) our attorneys will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.
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We have our own private 1.6 acre lumber yard which allows us to buy in bulk without sacrificing quality. We pass the benefits & savings on to our customers. 

We warn customers about doing business with someone who does not have a physical location.

Its hard, if not impossible to track down a shady contractor with a fake home address or a P.O. Box.

Not all screws are created equal. Ordinary wood screws cause wood fiber to split apart. Our self drilling screws do an awesome job and do not invite splitting. We can install them in the pickets also at an extra charge.

Hancock Fence is a U2 Factory Authorized Dealer. Click HERE for more info on U2 Fasteners!

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old fence? Most of the time with other fence contractors it goes straight to the landfill to be buried. Hancock Fence has the facilities, machines, tools and manpower to re-purpose and recycle used materials.

Hancock Fence created the ultimate pedestrian gate system over 20 years ago.

Our unique design allows easy adjustments and is backed by a lifetime functional warranty.

After 29+ years in the fencing industry, Hancock Fence & Fabrication LLC has the knowledge, skills, manpower and financial stability to service your fence replacement needs better than anyone else. We invite you to stop by and see us and let us show you why Hancock Fence is your best choice for residential fence replacement.

The gate is the only moving part on a fence. All gates work fine when they are new. Our competitors old fashioned gates, age quickly sets in. Gravity does not quit and will take its toll causing the gate to sag which leads to latch and hinge and latch failure. ClickHERE for more info!

We do not have to "take what they give us" at the local lumberyard supply.  We have no need to shop sales or clearances in order to procure a low price. We shop QUALITY at a fair price and buy truckloads shipped direct from the manufacturer in many cases. We can have a $100,000.00+ supply of materials and pipe ready to go at any time during peak season. We insist on ONLY American products whenever we have a choice. Our material control and quality cant be beat!

Hancock Signature Series Fence includes our awesome U2 Washer Head screws in the trim, corners, gate perimeters, and other key areas that are known to pop loose over the years.

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