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We don't want HANCOCK FENCES looking bad!!

With over 4,000 fences on the ground, we cannot monitor each and every one of them.
We count on YOU to let us know if something is not right.

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If we are in a drought period and your gate does not work, you need to thoroughly soak the ground area around the gate posts, Inside and outside of the fence. A slow, deep watering will usually move the gate posts back to their original position and the gate should work fine. 
This process can take several days, please be patient. If you do not get satisfactory results, please let us know!

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From time to time our customers experience cracked pickets, loose latches or gates that stick. 

When you are dealing with wood... and it's outdoors... all kinds of weird things can happen. Sometimes it's simply something that was overlooked when we finished the build and did not catch it on our final inspection.

Whatever the case, if you see something that is not as it was, loose, wiggly, warped or stuck, please let us know asap so we can check it out!

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